Introducing the Writer's Cabal

Be profilic. Weekly goal setting, writing critiques and accountability.

Your personal board of advisors: limited to the first 10 writers.

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Finally Defeat Writer's Block

  • Stay focused & accountable through a supporting community.
  • Understand yourself better with goal and perfomance tracking.
  • Move fast with crowd-sourced solutions to road blocks.
  • Improve your craft with writing critiques.
  • Expand your network and meet entrprenuers and artists.

Weekly mastermind meetings in a proven systems hosted by:

Harlequin Grim

Author & Host of the Mania Podcast

Andrew Fredette

Better Together Founder & Digital Nomad

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is a group of carefully selected, inspired and ambitious individuals who are driven to make their dreams a reality. We meet once a week to create weekly goals, keep one another in line, and carefully analyse one another’s steps. 

That’s how we thrive. Together. 

Membership Dues are $50/month.

Limited to the first 10 applicants. 

If you don't absolutely love us, 100% of your money back.

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